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  / ärki tekCHǝr /



  1. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

  2. The style of a building with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.

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I will work with you through the complicated but exciting process of designing and building your new home. I provide inspiration, guidance, oversight, and an efficient plan for working. My goal is to help put your dreams on paper and then assist you through the entire building project to have your dream home built in an efficient, cost effective manner. I believe this should be a fun & inspiring process for all.


Few people realise how complicated it is to build, that is until they find themselves lost in the maze of design options, planning restrictions, building regulations, contractors and so on. No two building projects are exactly alike, so there is no single, clear-cut path to follow. I have the education, training, experience, and vision to guide you through the entire design and construction process, from helping you define what you want to build to helping you get the most for your construction pound.




I don't just design four walls and a roof, I create total environments, interiors and exteriors, that satisfy functional needs and are exciting, dynamic spaces in which to work and live. Whether you are remodelling, adding on, or building from scratch, I can guide the way. Working with contractors and other construction professionals, I can help you achieve a well-designed project that meets your needs and works within your budget and time frame. I am available to solve problems, save you money, and make your life easier.

Let's face it, building is a long process that is often messy and disruptive, particularly if you are living or working in the space under construction. I look after your interests and try to find ways to make that process go smoothly. If your project requires engineering or other specialist design or consultancy services, I can coordinate teams of experts so you don't have to. I deal with complex planning applications and ever changing Building Regulations or Scottish Building Warrant. Based on your requirements I can help you find local qualified construction contractors and make regular visits to the construction site to help verify that the project is being built according to plans and specifications.

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