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  1. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

  2. The style of a building with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.

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Solar House - Great Glen, Leicestershire.


Award winning Zero Carbon contemporary house design incorporating all the latest renewable energy with a performance 30% better than passive house standard.

Stackly Lodge - Great Glen, Leicestereshire.


Replaced an existing small gate lodge with a generous, high performance timber lodge dwelling. Impressive environmental creditations and finalist in 2011 Building excellence awards.

Springfield House - Bekesbourne, Canterbury.


Currently under construction this replacement of a 90m2 dwelling with this impressive 675m2 contemorary zero carbon house incorporating renewable energy technology resulting in a net generator of heat and power as well as providing a specious family home.

The Willows - Corbridge, Northumberland


Replaced an existing single storey prefabricated bungalow with this fine two-storey traditional stone built dwelling.

Dalby Beck - Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire.


Replaced an existing single storey prefabricated bungalow with this energy efficient contemporary dwelling. The project is in the National Park and the design was commended by the planning officer who approved the application.

Older Projects


A selection of design and photos from older projects

Humshaugh  - Northumberland


Replaced an existing timber joinery shop with a traditional farmhouse style two-storey stone dwelling.

Axwell Park - Blaydon, Newcastle-upon-Tyne


New build dwelling in ancient woodland setting. Earlier Architects tried and failed to get planning on this site but with some technical considerations and good design we succedded.

Dukewilley Cottage - Hexham, Northumberland


Demolition and rebuild of an old stable block converting into a detached one and a half storey private dwelling.