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  / ärki tekCHǝr /



  1. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

  2. The style of a building with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.

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Real Estate Investment

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My services are a wise investment for your money, not an added cost to your project. Why?


  • Because a well-conceived project can be built more efficiently and economically. I plan your project with you. As your ideas evolve, changes can be made on paper which is much less expensive than later in the project when construction is underway. Thorough, detailed drawings also make it easier for the sub trades to accurately price and carryout work on your project.


  • Because energy efficient buildings can save you money on fuel bills in the future. I can design a building to maximize heating from the sun and let in natural light, thus reducing your heating, cooling, and electrical bills over time.


  • Because I can work with your budget and help you select the appropriate materials and workmanship at a fair price.


  • Because I can help you choose materials and finishes that are durable as well as beautiful, saving on frequent maintenance and replacement costs. We work to stay abreast of advances in roofing, external finishes, floor tiling, paint finishes, etc. Their familiarity with the full range of materials enables them to suggest the appropriate materials for your project.


  • Because good design sells. A well-designed house has a higher resale value. A well-designed work environment increases productivity.



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