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  / ärki tekCHǝr /



  1. The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.

  2. The style of a building with regard to a specific period, place, or culture.

Building Design

Project Management

Real Estate Investment

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My services cover the whole process from initial consultation to ascertain your options and possible restraints, through the design process, obtain statutory approvals (Planning & Building Control), obtain contractor costings, appointment of a suitable builder  through to full project management and contract administration.


Stage 1 - Feasibility

  • Visit site free of charge and without obligation

  • Ascertain project objectives and possible constraints upon project

  • Prepare and provide Fee Proposal


Stage 2 - Planning Permission

  • Develop design proposals

  • Prepare Planning Submission and submit

  • Monitor and respond to Planners


Stage 3 - Building Regulations - Detailed Design

  • Prepare full working drawings & specifications

  • Make submission for Building Control Approval

  • Issue drawings to contractors for pricing


Stage 4 - Project Management

  • Appointment of suitable builder / contractors

  • Project Management

  • Quality Control

  • Contract Administration / valuations and contractor payments


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